ID some of my in-game characters/representations of myself


– Intro –

I started out on the NES [Nintendo] in the very early 90s when I was living in Newcastle, then went on to enjoy the SNES & the amazing N64.
In 1998, I got myself my very first Sony PlayStation playing classics like the Tomb Raider Trilogy, Crash Bandicoot & many other titles.
Back in the days I also gamed on my self-built PCs, most notably running Diablo 1 & 2, Half Life 2 & GTA 2.

Gaming is my most favorite activity when I’m attending to my professional work. The opportunities it has been & always will be offering in terms of the visualisation of experiences are marvellous!

Obviously I went on to get a PS2 and PS3.
The latter is probably my personal favourite looking at it as a whole. Spent a huge amount of time on it.

All were joined by the PS4 generation & of course the epic PS5, which I equipped with Spiderman 2 side-panels matching the theme of my Spiderman PS4 Pro.
I’m not the greatest Spiderman fan – it’s just very high quality Sony PlayStation content, of which I’m proud.

I was and still am obsessed with keeping my gear immaculate & clean, same as in my professional work, so my PS1 (great condition), PS2 (slim pink edition), PS3 (red, super slim), PS4 Pro (Spiderman edition) & PS5 (Spiderman 2) look very nearly brand new. These are the consoles I kept.

Essentially I’ve been gaming since 1991, being on PlayStation since 1998.

I’m a ambitious in-game trophy hunter, no doubt. If a completion or completion percentage doesn’t satisfy me, I keep on working at it.
Trophies to me are a fine confirmation/acknowledgement of what I’ve done and a representation of the fun I had and of course my skill.
Henceforth my trophy count came out to be not low.
I normally seriouly never brag about it, this is just for the sake of providing an honest picture.
As said, I consider them a self-confirmation, my personal satisfaction. I never compare myself with others at all. In fact, I reject leaderboard websites.

I absolutely want players to enjoy themselves and have fun gaming without any harassment, which is why I’m proud of the fact that Sony doesn’t run leaderboards & has highly customizable privacy settings.
What matters is you & your fun in gaming!

My most favourite completions/games: