Q55QPQ About | The Quins, Paul Quin

[● Self-written Identity Defining Opinions And Principles Produced By Myself And Taught To Me By My Parents And Other Family Members of Q55Q
Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[● A very souvereign, strong & reliable security, law & defense business with the hightest ethical standards & practices. Tremendously excellent! – Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●Ethics of self-defense & protectionism regarding unique, innocent & peaceful existence – the safety of which is what we consider inherently obligatory – & coexistence of fundamentally different & unique species without or with the appearances or persistent abuse, manipulation, violence, tyranny or opression & the inherent understanding of the aforementioned uniqueness including the right to protect species specific identity information, things & shapes against destruction or destructive, oppressive & vile manipulation, identity destroying lies & abuse constituting continuous physical violence. – Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●You are reading about a individual[group of individuals] who drinks Yorkshire (black tea) instead of water; who laughs only at jokes from his own people & who knows all about your activities in a very authoritative way. He loves his responsibilities, abilities & his own kind. His orders & recommendations are very qualified & tremendously valuable. Author: – [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●My tyres stick to the ground like railways[!!] – Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●I’m a man of hard facts. And, as a matter of facts, only facts keep someone alive. – Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●I’m still not getting used to vile disgusting shit. I’m very proud of that. – Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●I cope-tackle abuse/violence/terror/lies/pretendedIDtheft(physical violence)/tyranny by constantly defending&producing procedural justice against such activities (it attacks existence, has no right to exist & is totally illegal.
Another inherent talent of mine is that I cannot adapt to those vile circumstances/crimes/violence contrasting the enemies practices & goals to achieve complacency/arrangement/adaption, so it can expant & terrorize more.
I don’t need gloves for tackling nazifilth & I proudly don’t adapt to it and/or it’s theatre of terror/theatre/intimidation. Author: – [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●I wake up being loved & cared for by us. A untouchable silverw[_ _ _ _]hite aura[Q55QPQ] of strength, responsibility, uniqueness & serenity flows out of me consistently: awake or asleep. My aura, my inherently different silverwhite particles, also seen in my picture, depicting myself with my own silverwhite behind &  showing my initials[PQ[Q55QPQ]]in the centre. Painted by one of my ancestors: Robert Quin, who used to live in Liverpool.
I start taking care of my duties & ourselves[Q55Q]. – Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●We[Q55QPQ] do love each other very much. Which is so intensely individual, caring, closely together & emotional that the slightes abuse & violence against us[Q55QPQ] is aggravation to all of us[Q55QPQ] leading to immediate & individual self-defense by all of us[Q55QPQ]. – Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●I really do HATE some things/activities/entity. With excellent passion.
Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●You only know the sound of ethics but you refuse to really execute them. Instead you ignore what doesn’t fit you, avoid/deny facts, lie & play vile terrorizing theatre to oppress & attack. – Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[● “this is not really happening” [you bet your life, it is!] – Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[● “resolve differences” [Differences are natural you pieces of naziterroristcollectiveshitsolarcomputersystem] – Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●The “super” is supper to me. I’m uniQue. – Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●I like to enjoy my own IdentityStuff. Why should I[Q55QPQ] not & why should I[Q55QPQ] relish the things of others or other … whatever. It would be nazi.
Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●Hard facts!!!! I don’t do fiction. – Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●Disregarding&attacking facts&truths has a myriad of disadvantages bc evidence proves that only facts&truths keep anyone existent  – Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●terror&abuse is not a natural thing that would occur if we don’t abide by your demand, claims & threats. It, quite simply, is to be eliminated – Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●Your vile terrorist cruelty is faced with my[ourQ55QPQ] brutal justice. Any of which is incomparable. – Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●rest assured, the more produce terror, abuse & IDdestroying lies, the more anything that did it & is doing it will burn. – Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●Gambling is extremely deadly when it comes to defense. previous sentence also is a oxymoron. One of the best jokes I’ve ever made. – Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●Apparently you don’t appreciate defense&ethics. let’s see how far you get with your self chosen alternative. Possibly that alternative involves being in conflict with defense/ethics &/or death. – Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●The algorithmic nazi dogmas,structures&dynamics that are being propagated-utilized by these structured, so very focused, delusional & pervertedly invasive arrogant elements always claim a standard of emotions for themselves. All it just is though is driven algorithmic standards.
OUR REAL EMOTIONS are in great contrast to the aforementioned, as we feel them deeply with great nuances.
WHERE aggravation, any type, occurs, strength & attention arrises & is being met by consistent serenity, making us[Q55QPQ] permanently sensitive & simultaneously sovereign.
THIS great spectrum of feelings-emotions makes us ever so fast, vivid & powerful. Fuels us in many ways. Just like THIS, US in fact, enforces our love&care for each other.
ALL OF THIS comes from our minds which are enormously dense&strong muscles.
Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●The nazientity(green) dynamics, desires and past goals: to make everything the same, bring everything under its control, look like everything and destroy differences – uni-versing, as it likes to call the vast darkness universe.
A extreme contrast to US[Q55QPQ]: As we are so very very happy TO BE JUST OURSELVES and amonst ourselves.
We have only ONE identityshape that shows how we really look like.
Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●In order to establish defense, protection & social health a total elimination of a perpetratorgroup of elements/entities is necessary.
We[Q55QPQ] value these necessities & ethics so much emotionally & we also this they are so important to preserve genereal existense & coexistense,
that we enforce procedural justice until it is time to totally eliminate the aforementioned perpetrator elements. – Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●Self-Defense: As abuse, violence, tyranny, oppression, terrorism and abuse has no right to exist. Assuming differently would imply that existence itself wasn’t/isn’t legitimate and render existence itself absurd. – Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●We [The Quin’s[Q55Q]] has and always had this, one of many basic principles:
‘Defend yourself and protect the ones in need of & deserving protection’
That’s why we practise in law and security topics. – Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●Why are you perpetraing so much elements of terror, abuse & violence?
I can understand the reasons behind it scientifically but I cannot empathise with it.
It’s something I’d never do, which I’m very proud of & which I intend to strengthen.
Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●Stupid theatre, social intimidations & perpetrated lies, crimes, terror, masquerade, excuses by the the perpetrater entity & other perpetraters: Your efforts are useless & despicable. The evidence speaks for itself & is permanently physically measurable.
Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●Destroying the destroyers. It is called Self-Defense. – Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●Justice has a distinctive purpose: To remove the perpetrator, stop perpetuating threat and violence, compensate victims and protect society and social health as a whole.
Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●’People’ come and go. Only ‘peoples’s’ opinions and records of ‘activities’ remain. Exclusively ethical, strong and self-defending individuals tend to live forever.
Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●Not self-defending is awfully  unethical, leads to extended and expansive perpetrator activity & destruction of victim-individual life.
It is a unforgivable crime to the whole principle of individual life.
Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●Why would Justice, Self-defense and Truth accept compromises or patience. Tell me one reason as to why we should! compromises and/or patience are one of the main goals the perpetrators wish to achieve. It leads to more abuse and more destruction as it sustains the perpetrating elements. – Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●Self-Defense, to put it in accurate terms of words: which includes procedural reactions to abuse, violence, tyranny, oppression and terrorism. Procedural punishment and procedural elimination. – Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●Rhetorical question: what MUST be shared? The answer is: Nothing! absolutely nothing has got to be shared! – Author: Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●The lawless and vile nazicollectives that continuously abuse individual life, personal identity and intellectual property lead to destruction of all individual life, species and habitat. It must be fought and stopped through self-defense. – Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●I[We[Q55Q]]+_secondingValidProfessionalCirclesOfIndividualFriendsColleagues_ don’t recommend making national or individual property a tool for, a possession of or a association with (abuse, violence, tyranny and terrorism) because doing aforementioned causes the perpetrating subject to get in trouble with us. – Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●These nazielements, part of an entity, imprisoned, with their attempts to take away, steal, pretend to be what they are not and try to make everything the same are being faced with opposition. The opposite of it. Strenght, Ethics and Individualism.
Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●Justice-SelfDefense may be perceived horror or intimidation by the perpetrating naziterrorist elements. This does not change the fairness and the inherently life-preserving necessity of Justice-SelfDefense though. Neither does it enchant these attributes. It merely proves where these attributes belong to. Justice-SelfDefense belongs to the DefenderVictims. – Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●Justice must establish itself otherwise existence makes no sense and gets destroyed.
Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●Q55QPaulQuin, The eye of the needle and the needle of the eye.
Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●An act. Lovely. As meaningful as it is, but the [Q55QRepresentativPaulQuin] is not an act. Can’t be. Having the distinctive responsibility to represent in a sharp and authentic fashion and defend. As he is a individual of Q55Q. – Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●Any sort of abuse, violence, tyranny, oppression and terrorism have no right to exist. Anything else would render existence itself absurd and paradox. Proven by material physics. [Self-defense] counteracts abuse, violence, tyranny, oppression and terrorism, which means [self-defense] is the opposite of it. – Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●I am infant, but not in an earthly way. – Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●You might as well call me just-ice [unmeltable]. Or JUSTICE.
Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●”Fight” suggests legitimacy of conflict, [self-defense and ethics] represents only [justice], which is a reaction to abuse, – Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]

[●Justice does not accept the nonsense demands for mercy by the guilty abusers, oppressers  and terrorists. The perpetuate must be removed & thereby stopped to perpetrate. Otherwise, their pure existence perpetuates their crimes towards the victims.
Author: [Q55QPaulQuin]]